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Senato respinge revoca Obamacare

Riparte lavoro per una nuova riforma del sistema sanitario [read more]

Tunisia, passa legge su violenza donne

Voto storico, dopo ostacoli e rinvii, approvata all'unanimità [read more]

Rihanna all'Eliseo, incontro incredibile

'Abbiamo parlato di insegnamento, dal punto di vista globale' [read more]

Russia, EU bristle at proposed new U.S. sanctions on Moscow, warn of action

MOSCOW/BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Russia warned it was edging closer to retaliation against Washington after the House of Representatives backed new U.S. sanctions on Moscow, while the European Union said the move might affect its energy security and it stood ready to act too. [read more]

Israeli lawmakers vote to set high bar for ceding parts of Jerusalem

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel's parliament on Wednesday passed the first of three votes needed to enact legislation that would set an extra-high threshold for any future vote on ceding parts of Jerusalem to the Palestinians. [read more]